About Us

Our club has been around for over nineteen years. We believe that model building is a hobby that is much more fun when it is shared. The monthly show-and-tell is the core of our club because that’s where we share our talents, opinions, and ideas. We get to see how people have coped with problems or exploited new products. We get to see kits both old and new that we might want to build or avoid.

When you bring in your models we don’t jump in with criticism or unsolicited suggestions but rather look for the good in the model. If you have questions or are looking for advice we certainly can help. You need only ask.
We have a raffle at each meeting of models and related items.

Come to a meeting. We are very open and friendly, we’re confident that you’ll feel right at home.

Every year we put on NorthshoreCon, a large exhibition and competition of modeling skill. We encourage you to participate. These shows are always fun and provide opportunities to shop from many vendors often at low prices. In addition, there is a raffle of modeling related items and food on site. The links above that start with NorthshoreCon contain information about the contest and the forms needed to enter. (The forms will also be available at NorthshoreCon if you haven’t printed them from our site.)